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Strong Winds Can’t Stop Master Anglers

Wilderness North staffHello from the the Albany River’s  Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost cabin.
We had a very windy start to our past week, in fact the first two days our guests stayed in camp for safety reasons. Four foot swells – well – aren’t that swell!

The Dufford Party of four from Pennsylvania wasted no time in catching up for lost time once back on the lake.Northern Ontario walleye fishing Jeremy visited Makok with his two uncles and grandpa, and was the Master Walleye Angler of the group with two trophy walleyes:  27 1/4 and 27-inches caught while trolling a worm harness. James Ratliff from Ohio, and Matt from Sand Lake, Michigan had a wonderful trip. Native guide Issac Nate gave them a memory they will never forget down river, where everyone caught brookies and enjoyed the wonderful shore lunch prepared by Issac.

Now that school has started, guest parties are fewer in number but we’re here through mid September. With fewer guests in camp, we are concentrating on projects. For example, low water, and big ice took its toll on our dock last winter so we are in the process of getting it all level again. It looks good and with more stable rock bunkers should hold off Ole Man Winter. (Fingers crossed). We are also thinning out the ever invasive brush around the camp perimeters, and we are painting the outpost cabin.
…Meryl and Bernard Carroll

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