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Escape with Purpose

Corporate Retreats with Wilderness North

Time moves differently while you’re surrounded by nature. When you venture to Northern Ontario’s largest collection of outpost cabins and lodges, you can escape into Wilderness Standard Time. Experience the presence, inspiration, and clarity nature offers on your next corporate retreat with Wilderness North.

Why Choose Wilderness North for Your Corporate Event?

Cultivate relationships with those who matter most to your company: your people. At Wilderness North, we offer the perfect setting to strengthen your team’s capabilities and deliver a retreat experience designed to help companies reach their goals.

Our Trip Leaders are with you every step of the way, from planning, to adventuring alongside your team, using their deep knowledge of each destination to make your experience meaningful and valuable.


With 27 years of crafting unique wilderness experiences, Wilderness North carries the passion, expertise, and knowledge to make your corporate retreat one for the books. Create memories and valued moments to push your team forward, while you’re with us and back to work at the office.


Our careful and caring management ensures an excellent return on your investment with us. Leave your worries at the door and let us manage your booking and retreat details while you and your team focus on forging connections and find time for reflection.
When you enter the Wilderness Standard Time zone, you and your team will experience the tranquility, serenity, and stress relief needed to focus on the present and develop synergy as a team.


Experiencing the wilderness of Northern Ontario is anything but a regular corporate retreat. With us, your team can access team challenges and activities designed to provoke a sense of achievement and collaboration. Enhance physical and mental well-being with our unique outdoor experiences, and forge a new path forward as a team.

Design Your Own Corporate Event

Let our expert Trip Leaders expand your team’s skills and find a sense of understanding that will last far beyond your final excursion.

Wilderness Survival How-To

Build trust in your team and develop your wilderness survival skills.

Fly Fishing Instruction

Hone your mental wellbeing and connect with your teammates.

Fishing Instruction

Cultivate patience and enjoy the peace of mind fishing on serene lakes provides.

Fly Tying

Try your hand at fly tying and leave with a new talent.

Wilderness Outdoor Cooking

There’s power - and a delicious result - in teamwork while cooking in the wilderness.

Fire Building

Practice thinking outside of the box and learn just how many ways your team can make a fire.

Paddling Instruction

Head in new directions and connect as you paddle the tranquil waterways of Northern Ontario.


Explore the local flora and fauna on an invigorating hike.

Orienteering and Map Reading

Get lost in nature, and find your way back again.


Find hidden treasures as a team, and leave your mark for the next adventurers.

Your Next Corporate Retreat

Let our expert Trip Leaders expand your team’s skills and find a sense of understanding that will last far beyond your final excursion.

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