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Moose Curry

KC’s Moose Curry A family favourite of ours, it’s one of the first things we make after we get our moose (or this year, get gifted some).…

Lake Trout How To

Lake trout are a species some anglers visiting northern Ontario for the first time may not have ever fished for. Lake trout are a native species to…

Walleye Chowder

Walleye Chowder    Ingredients  8 slices thick sliced bacon   1 large onion, chopped   1 stalk celery, chopped   1⁄4 cup flour   2 medium potatoes, peeled and diced large  …

Grumman Goose

Listen to Mike’s podcast and history tidbit about flying Jack’s Goose:   Watch the video of Jack’s Goose here:

Poutine Recipe

Ingredients  Poutine Gravy:  3 Tbsp cornstarch  2 Tbsp water  6 Tbsp unsalted butter  1/4 cup unbleached all purpose flour  20 oz beef broth  10 oz chicken broth …

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