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“When you look at the face of Canada and study the geography carefully, you come away with the feeling that one could have designed the canoe first and then set about to conceive a land in which it could flourish” –Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle

At Wilderness North we are proud to be Canadian and we have always held a strong connection with this quote from Canadian naturalist, artist and canoe-lover Bill Mason. Moving forward the connection of Canadians to the canoe lives on. It holds the history of our country, the courage of a paddler, the nostalgia of a family trip, and the reminder of a calmer way of life. The documentary Canadian Canoe Culture by Goh Iromoto embodies this:

“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations then one enduring expression of that simple truth, is surely the canoe.” – James Raffan, Canadian Canoe Museum.

This 5-part documentary highlights Connection, Challenge, Landscapes, Newcomers, and Indigenous Culture. The Canoe tells the story of Canada’s connection to water and how paddling in Ontario has enriched the lives of five different people.

A Canadian Canoeing experience:

Challenge yourself. What lies around the bend could be current that glides your boat easily along, or an eddy that challenges you to stay on course. These moments are transferable to the everyday, when you conquer a canoe trip you gain the resiliency to face the ups and downs in your life. If you can survive in the wild with only what a canoe can hold, you can surely navigate life at home in house filled with things.

Paddle the Painted Landscapes. Ontario is teeming with inspiration for your canvas. Many artists have turned to Northern Ontario’s rugged landscape including the Group of Seven and Bill Mason.

Make a real connection. Whether you are slowing it down on a relaxed trip, or speeding it up on a whitewater adventure, the canoe can take you to untouched places within yourself and the environment around you.

Shared Knowledge. The Canoe is a symbol of the great wisdom to be learned from Canadian Indigenous people.

Proud to be Canadian. Paddling is the quintessential Canadian experience. “There is something humbling and oddly peaceful about feeling so small when you are surrounded by an environment that is so powerful and unpredictable. When you are out on a river and you can feel the power of the water below you, or in your tent and you realize how vulnerable you are to the skies that lie above you. These are the moments where you learn to let your worries and stresses go and learn to live with the environment and not just simply in it.”

At Wilderness North we believe in the healing power of the outdoors. The world is a playground and the wilderness is a way to embrace the unplanned and unexpected. Ontario Tourism captured this spirit in their film ‘The Canoe’, a touching representation of the canoe as a symbol for connectivity; to the natural world, ourselves and others.

Embrace a traditional way of travel with Wilderness North. Click here to learn more about our guided adventures into the Canadian Boreal forest.

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