Our Spring Opener Guests - Wilderness North

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Our Spring Opener Guests

Some of our guests like being all alone in a remote cabin. Sleep when you want.  Fish when you want … fully in charge and secluded. That’s  how Waterloo, Iowa’s VInce Jenness and his group like it. They have been coming up  for 19 years.

Meanwhile, Dr. Marty Guinta, part of Jim Butcher’s group from Utica, Michigan, loves the prepared meals, indoor plumbing, electric power and daily boat and cabin cleaning. This group has been coming up for more than 10 years and knows Ontario angling.

However, both agree that the very first week – The Opener – is a great time to be in Ontario and have stories and tips for you.

Listen to Marty’s podcast:


Listen to Vince’s podcast:

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