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Real Heroes – Really Here

Alan Cheeseman and a WN Otter…So who is a hero?  Maybe it’s easier to say who is NOT a hero.  Sports Stars. Rock Stars. TV and Movie Stars. You get the idea. Then who is a hero? For starters, it seems it is never someone who makes a lot of money: Teachers. Fire Fighters. Police Officers. Nurses. And you guessed it – Soldiers.

That’s why we provide a Hero’s Welcome to the ten soldiers who are our guests each July at Miminiska Lodge. These soldiers have had the misfortune of being injured in battle. Some have lost limbs, and for a little while – lost hope.  But not for long. The same bravery that led them into battle…has served them well in leading them into healing. So when we heard about Project Healing Waters, we agreed. Heroes they are…and deserve to be treated as such.  See Tristan’s report on this year’s event.

This past week they – the five US and five Canadian soldiers- came up to Miminiska Lodge for our third annual Healing On The Albany event. It didn’t cost them a penny. We opened our doors and our hearts to them. But another group of heroes joined them. Two pilots from Chicago who volunteer their time, their airplanes, and their care to bring up the US group. And there were other volunteers who have helped along the way to smooth out theMark Snyder, Project Healing Waters path for these brave veterans – young and old alike. Many of you gave money to defray the real costs of tackle, travel, and other items in making this dream come true for those who have lived a nightmare. That makes you a hero in our books. And of course, we cannot forget about Mark Snyder, who introduced us to Project Healing Waters, and carefully orchestrated our event again this year. He is a great believer in the value of fly angling as a way soldiers can regain strength – physical and mental – in moving past their injuries.

Project Healing Waters collagueEvery year we find out once more how much we learn from these brave men and women. It refreshes us to hear them laugh, watch them fish, partake in their fellowship. We truly gain more than we give. Heroes.  They are ours…and we hope you save some time and resources to join us in sponsoring our annual “Healing On The Albany” event.

Happy Fishing, and as always, it’s great to hear from you,


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