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Pike in Shallows – Walleye too

MacArthur Hobson, Wilderness North staffFishing has been decent here at Makokibatan Lodge. The majority of the fish have been coming off the south shore between Rogers Reef and our shore lunch island in depths from 10 to 30ft of water. Jigs and twister tails tipped with either a worm of leech have been the bait of choice for anglers in search of Walleye. While the Pike anglers are using silver minnows and in-line spinners.

Many Pike have been caught along the north shore in the shallows. In those shallow bays the bait of choice has been anything on the surface. Biggest Pike of the last week was just shy of the Master Angler mark at 39 in. It was caught using a white and red buzz bait in “The Cut”, which has also been producing some decent Walleye. These Walleye are being caught by trolling any bright colored shallow running crank bait.

Weather for the next week looks to be nice and sunny with temps in the 20 to 25 degrees celsius range (high 70’s F). Not really the best conditions for Walleye but should be great for Pike.

The past couple weeks have seen some Master Angler Walleye caught. Congratulations to “Walleye Barb” from Ionia, Michigan who caught a 27in Walleye at a location known as the Little Rock. Her fish was caught using a chartreuse twister tail on a purple jig-head tipped with a worm. Also congratulations to Garrett from New Jersey who caught a 26.5in Walleye and to Larry Renninger from Pennnsylvania who caught a 27in Walleye. Both fish were also caught at the Little Rock-  just west of our big shore lunch island.
…MacArthur Hobson

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