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More Good Walleye at Makok Lodge and Outpost

After an early break in July , guests arrived back to fishing at Makokibatan Lodge for later half of July.
We welcomed the Walker group from Maryland. This three generation – father, son, and grandfather trio had excellent weather and enjoyed lots of hours out on big Makokabatan Lake with fishing tackle in their hands and fairly good fishing, catching lots of Walleye and Pike but just missing the Master Angler mark. The Walker’s had an especially great day down river with one of our First Nation guides Earl Baxter, as they caught 20-30 Walleye and some very nice Brook Trout – the biggest being a very respectable 22-inch Brookie.

At Makok outpost we welcomed the Hugill group of New York who were a hard fishing and fun lovin’ group of guys. They reported catching hundreds of fish during their week here and managed to catch and release three Master Angler Walleyes – the biggest being 28-1/2-incher caught by Jim. Craig wasn’t far behind with a 27-1/2-inch Walleye. And last but not least Jeff reeled in a nice 26-inch Walleye – all caught on jig heads with worms. Other recent guests at the outpost included the Francis group from Ohio who did some serious fishing and caught an unbelievable number of fish, just missing the Master Angler mark (26-inch + Walleye; 40-inch + Northern Pike). The Francis group caught a staggering 525 fish in total, 426 Walleye and 99 nice Pike. The biggest Walleye was 24-1/2-inches and the biggest Pike was a respectable 38-inches. Their lures of choice were a Bomber Swim Bait and a Hot-n-Tot.

Overall, the fishing has been excellent at Makok, and all of our guests have had a great time catching fish and experiencing good times with lots of laughter.

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