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Makok’s Historic Week!

Ferris Group Makok 2009, Wilderness North fishingTemperatures are rising on the Albany and our Master Angler count is too!
These past days in the boat have been hot and the fishing even hotter. Last week, Makok saw a whopping 28 master angler walleye registered. The Ferris group from Ohio and the Foster group from Michigan all caught and released these award winning wallies bringing our count for the year to 44! The Ferris party alone, had 24 of the 28, with Matt catching eight of them on his own. This is the Ferris party’s 15th year at Makok, and what a year!!

Curt Moore and Marty Lang have five each. Ed Yackey had three, party leader Tom had a pair and last but not least, Ron Westhafer saved the best for last and tied into a 30 ¼ inch beauty his last day with us. The guys reported an unbelievable 1500+ fish in their stay with us. By the way, most of the fish were reeled in with bottom bouncers, hot n tots, and the ole reliable, jigs with tails.

The Fosters team each caught 4 master angler walleyes – 1 apiece.
We think the fishing can even improve with the week of the new moon upon us.
…Meryl and Bernard Carroll

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