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Big Brookies, Big Wind, and a Mouth Full of Walleye

Two motors rumbled and four men hummed and hawed as the waves crashed over the dock at Makokibatan.That was how the fishing trip of a lifetime began. It wasn’t exactly ideal weather but the boys toughed it out and hit the water.Wilderness North guests 2009 With three foot swells on the open lake, fishing in the back lake made a lot of sense. The wind wouldn’t quit and neither would the Hill and Fecker clans. Jake and Daniel found themselves landing a perfect eating size walleye and earned a master angler with a walleye at 27 inches. The Feckers reported back that the walleye population and size were the best they had encountered.

The sun finally decided to make an appearance as Steve and Alec hit the Lake with guide Matty S.
Meryl & Bernard It was the first cast of the day that Steve Fecker found himself hooked up with the legendary Albany River brook trout. “My heart still pumps hard every time I see one come to surface,” says Matty.  “They are simply the most beautiful fish that I have ever had the pleasure to see.” Not only are they beautiful — they’re plentiful and sizeable. Numerous trout were landed that day with the lure of choice being a red on white Little Cleo.   Average length trout landed was 16 inches with the fish of the trip going to Steve with a 19 inch Brookie.
….Meryl & Bernard Carroll

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