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A “Baker’s Dozen”of Trophy Walleye !

Meryl with Walleye, Wilderness North staffBig Walleye trophy fishing continued this week at Makokibatan Lodge on the Albany River.  Daniel, from the Gildea Group, of Kalamazoo, Michigan snagged a 28-inch Walleye. Derek of Mishawaka, Indiana got a 28.5 incher. We also had the Janis Group from Michigan who were a great bunch of guys and seemed to have no trouble finding the big fish. Charlie from Traverse City, Michigan landed a 27.5-inch Walleye. Bob of Grand Rapids reeled in a 26.5 inch Walleye. Jon from Connecticut got a nice 26.5-inch Walleye. Justin of San Javan, Puerto Rico netted a 27-inch Walleye. Oddly enough, all trophy walleye were caught on Jigs with Gulp Alive minnows. This week we also welcomed the Anderson’s from the Chicago area. Tim landed a 26-inch Walleye on a jig with a leech.

At our Makok outpost we had the Tacia Group who got some extremely nice fish. Tom Jr. of Big Rapids nabbed a 27-inch Walleye on a Bomber. John from Traverse City, Michigan hooked a 27.5-inch Walleye, Gary of Harrison Township, Michigan netted a 26 and a 27.5-inch Walleye, Tom Sr. of Big Rapids, Michigan caught a nice 27-inch Walleye, and Jeff another resident of Big Rapids reeled in the big lunker 29in Walleye…  all Master Anglers from this group were caught on a Bomber. The good fishing and solid supply of big fish is right where it needs to be here at Makok. And the weather is perfect.

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