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21 Master Anglers in 1 week!

No strangers to Wilderness North, Chris and his party recently fished D’Alton Lake and it was just like coming home. It didn’t take long to get their bearings again. Officially, the week saw the catch and release of 317 walleye over 20 inches, with 21 being Master Anglers. Here’s how the trophies stacked up:
11 were  26 inches
7 were  27 inches
3 were  28 inches

The group landed at least one master angler every day except Wednesday, and even saw a 40 in pike t-bone a walleye. Monday was their best day with 9 Masters brought up to the boat. The highlight of the trip for group leader Chris was having the opportunity to pass on his angling skills to his nephew Mike and watching him reel in 6 of the 21 trophies matching Chris trophy for trophy. 3 of Mike’s massive walleye were caught in a row within a half hour span. Talk about excitement!. Congrats also goes out to Dave and Tom for each catching 3, Brad for his 2 and last but not least to Jim who also caught a master angler.

In addition to a high level of skills and fishing hard all week, some of the groups successes can also be attributed to the start of fall changeover. The water temperatures at D’Alton were in the mid 60’s when the group arrived and barely in the mid 50’s when they left, triggering the walleye to start their fall feed.

Productive depths for master anglers were 15 to 20 ft, and hot presentations included:
Home Made 1/4 oz pink jig with a 4 inch white twister tail.
1/4 oz Neon Lites glow pink/pearl Rattler Jig with a Gulp pinched crawler.
3/8 oz chartreuse ball-head style jig with a sucker minnow and stinger.
Slip bobber rig with a home made glow jig and minnow.
Slow Death rig with crawler trolled slowly at 1mph.
3/8 oz pink round head jig with a 4 inch Slug Go style pearl white tail.

It was great welcoming the boys back to D’Alton and we look forward to seeing them again next year!

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