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Yes -That is Ice and Those Are Earmuffs

Wilderness North Ontario fly in adventuresWe are now officially open for the 2009 season – but not too fast there my friend!
We are still having challenges convincing Mother Nature that it is Spring here in Ontario’s Boreal Forest. With rain and snow mixed, we were delayed in getting out to many of our camps for opening clean up and there is still ice at our Albany River destinations.

Wilderness North guestsYes, that is ice around the plane. We thought the ice was out here at Armstrong base camp, and then it blew right back in from a bay across the lake. Fortunately, it was not that thick and it melted away quickly and in time to get our first official guest group on their way to D’Alton Lake. They are the Haverkost family from New Jersey and New York. You’ll learn more about their cold adventure in the story below.

Fishing has generally been slow. Slow presentation and light bites. The pike are still not warm enough to live up to their reputation as aggressive monsters. The D’Alton group caught only a few fish in the 38 degree water, and the groups at Ogoki Lake are doing “okay” but not hitting the numbers or the sizes they had hoped for.  Tyler’s report on Whitewater Lake is more upbeat.

Wilderness North fly in fishing adventuresNow Zig Zag is another story. This little lake is producing hundreds of very respectable walleye, including our first official Master Angler, Larry M of Indiana. Larry is a veteran to Ontario angling, and describes his luck and and his lure selection in this very comprehensive podcast. So get a paper and pencil ready to learn from this Master Angler. Click here to listen to the podcast. BTW – a Walleye Study is being done on Zig Zag, and a few other lakes where we have cabins, all in preparation for the potential construction of a power dam on the Jackfish River. We’ll tell you more in next week’s report.

Ontario outdoors cardWe Can Do It!  Your Ontario Outdoors Card and your fishing license are both available from our trip planners.  You will need both items starting this year.

Anyway, for now, I’m pulling down my ear flaps and heading out to the dock to meet the Otter, just back from Ogoki Lake.Talk to you next week – and as always feel free to drop me an e-mail by here or reach me by phone at:

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