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Why Wabakimi? Here are 5 Great reasons!

Is Wabakimi Provincial Park on your bucket list? If not, it will be soon. Let’s explore what this park has to offer.

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ONE: Less-travelled

In one year Boundary waters sees 200,000+ annual visitors

While Quetico and Woodland Caribou had approx 8,000 and 11,000 respectively of backcountry camping nights.

Wabakimi, on the other hand, had less than 2500 backcountry camping nights! (around 700 visitors all year!)

Being remote has its advantages!


TWO: Vast wilderness

Ontario’s second largest Provincial Park.

Wabakimi Provincial Park covers approximately 900,000 hectares, the size of Quetico and Woodland Caribou combined.

Fully-immersed in the boreal forest, Wabakimi is a vast wonderland of coniferous forest. Combine this with the beauty of the Cambrian shield, where rocky shores line the waterways.

Explore 1,500km of waterways, with endless options for flat and whitewater routes.

THREE: Remote

Located 2.5 hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario is Armstrong, Ontario, and the doorstep to Wabakimi Provincial Park. The cool thing? The park is only accessible by train, canoe or floatplane. No roads lead into the park, helping to preserve this wild part of the world.

FOUR: Wildlife

Caribou, moose, black bear, birds of prey, otters, loons, you name it.

FIVE: Fishing

Wilderness North has been a conservation fishery for 25 years. That means when people catch BIG FISH, they put them back! Come get your trophy walleye or pike!

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