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What Exactly is a Wilderbuck?

Wilderness North promoFirst off a “wilderbuck” is NOT a deer.
Or there would have to be Wilder-Does, and Wilder-Fawns.

It’s more like we’re printing money to give to our guests. Wilder-Bucks are actually Wilderness North Dollars. For a limited time we are offering 100 Wilder-Bucks to each member of every party who schedules a trip for the 2009 season, and pays for the trip in full by March 1st.* You can use these Wilder-Bucks for gift shop items, live bait or tackle, fly-out trips or guide services from our lodges, plus rental equipment, and other products and services your trip planner can tell you more about. So when you are scheduling your fly-in adventure for 2009 ask about your chance to enhance your trip without paying a dime out of your pocket.

There are some limitations:

  • Those who have already booked their trip through the Reel Deal Promotion (which has now expired) are NOT eligible.
  • Wilder-Bucks may NOT be used to pay for beverages, food packs, or licenses.

*Purchase power based on the value of Canadian currency at time of purchase.

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