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Top 5 Family Adventures for 2017!

At Wilderness North we know the importance of spending time outside with your family. Disconnect from phones and tablets and reconnect with each other. Spending a day in a boat with your daughter, or exploring the lake by SUP with your son is a chance for distraction-free time together. Here are the top five adventures awaiting you and your family at wilderness north:

1. Experience the night sky.

A night under the stars with the aurora Borealis. Grab a blanket, head over to the fire and watch as the sky provides you and your family a spectacular light show.

2. Reel in a memory.

The fishing at Wilderness North is World-class. Share the joy of his/her first catch with us!

3. Explore.

Flying in to the Boreal Forest has its perks; endless wilderness to explore! Our first nations guides provide lived history and interpretive hikes to ensure your family is left feeling enriched and connected.

4. Enjoy the view.

Our lodges are fly-in only, which means you get to fully escape the city life in style! A flight above the vast Canadian Wilderness is the perfect way to start and end your stay at Wilderness North. Enjoy the endless view!

5. Paddle!

We couldn’t decide on just one, so here are our three paddling adventures; kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board on a remote lake, just you and your loved ones.

Embrace a rejuvenating stay with us, connect with your family, the outdoors and bring home a collection of warm memories.

Contact us to make your Wilderness North Family Adventure a reality. Our team will help plan an adventure catered to your family; connecting you with events along the way, providing advice on exciting opportunities in Thunder Bay, and taking care of you during your stay!

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