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Alan CheesemanIs that the sound of a countdown clock?
Oh Yeah! In less than a month, our first guests will be at their adventure destinations. Our season opens the third weekend in May. Whew that’s close !

Right now, there is still ice on the water here in Thunder Bay, however the Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker, is busy everyday, so we have flown our last flights on skis for the winter. As for the actual date of ice out? – well that is always a gamble – but we think this is the last week of ice in Thunder Bay, with ice out complete at Armstrong by opening (fingers crossed). Graham Saunders talks about ice out and weather conditions at this time of year in his article and podcast.

Tyler has written a great article on new products for your tackle box, and is busy with booked guests and the details of their trips in May and June.

Wilderness North resource staffOur friend and associate, Jenni McDermid – Wildlife Conservation of Canada – has received grant approval of the Sturgeon Study in our area, which entails a partnership with First Nation communities, and with Wilderness North. She tells us more about the study, and how guests will play a role in data collection in her podcast – Listen Now.

Our planes are nearly ready for flying, with the floats being bolted on, and a new paint job on one of the DeHavilland Otters.

Wilderness North fly in adventures

Special offer for those with flexible travel calendars.
We have reduced the costs of a few remaining adventures in our 2009 schedule- with savings up to 40%. These trips fill open seats on our planes and open dates at our lodges, housekeeping camps, or remote cabin destinations. This offer is ONLY valid for certain dates and destinations. In other words, we set the dates, the group size minimums and maximums, and you save the money.

There is no list of these trips to send out, since dates change daily. These “fill in” adventures sell out rapidly, so time is of the essence. 1-888-465-3474 is the number to call for more details. When you call, tell us about the adventure you are seeking, the general dates you would be available, and the group size you have in mind.

Then we’ll check our most current flight schedules and destination bookings to see if we have a match. This usually takes about 24 hours. If you’re flexible, so are our rates.

Your comments are welcome as well as your request for more information. You may call me at 1-888-465-3474 or send in those e-mails.

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