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Three New Products, One Great Autumn Ahead

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staffFor many, late August is the time to put away our fishing gear and call it a year. And that’s just not right.

As I mentioned in last week’s column – “Not So Fast There My Young Friend.”
Here in the boreal forests the ground bush is turning and the aspen and birch are showing signs the full autumn colour show is not too far behind. And fishing is – well – fantastic.

Our Miminiska Manager, Tristan Yuswak, tested his Project Healing Waters, 8 weight fly fishing gear and promptly caught and released this nice pike in the mouth of Ferguson Creek on the Albany. If experience tells us anything, the fall frenzy will produce even more big fish in the next twenty days. For those lucky enough to be heading our way, expect cool days, cooler nights and the best fishing of the year.

Wilderness North fly in fishingThis week I want to highlight three new products for your consideration, two from names we have come to recognize and respect in the fishing world, and one from a newcomer to the equipment world. That company -2Handee – has created a tool that cuts all lines, even those tough braids, tunes crank baits, and sharpens hooks with a replaceable sharpening stone – not a metal file. Watch the video by clicking here.

Wilderness NorthRapala has announced a swim crank bait, Glidin’ Rap with what they call a “tighter” wobble creating what many consider “more reason” for fish to strike… Are fish really reasonable?  Anyways, click here for more information. Those mad scientists – from Berkley – who brought you GULP are at it again, this time with a new fishing line that is invisible under water and easy to see above the surface. It’s called “TransOptic” line and you can learn more by here.

Good Luck…Good Fishing…

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