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Things to Keep in Mind this Fishing Season

The season is well under way and while the weather seems to be all over the place, the fishing is fantastic. More than ever I am hearing people say it was hard to find enough keepers, those fifteen and sixteen inch walleye that taste so good. I’ve been busy with logistics at our McKenzie Lake property and have been enjoying meeting you all as you pass through on your fishing adventures. From old friends to new ones, everyone is excited and has had a blast so far.

In my discussion with guests, I have found out about an app that will prove to be invaluable to those heading up this summer. It is for iPhones/iPads and is called iSolunar. It’s a neat app that has weather information, as well as best fishing times during each day. You start by going on to the map and you can plotting where you will be (when I tested it out, I choose Whitewater Lake). It then gives you details as to when the bite is on and what the predicted weather, winds etc. are. It’s pretty cool and it will provide you with information that we have found over the years to be valuable to consider. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

A reminder that the Ontario MNR is out and about in their travels and are on the lookout to make sure everyone is staying legal. This means a few things. You need to carry your outdoor card, fishing license, and boating license with you at all times. When you are fishing, keep in mind that the limits apply to both what is in the boat and in your cabin. Remember it is a possession limit so you can only carry the number of fish per people in your boat. If there are two of you in a boat with two stringers, you can only have the limit for one person on each stringer. If you have only one stringer in use, then you may have the limit for both people in the boat on one stringer. Think of it as your personal daily possession limit. If you have already eaten 2 fish at shorelunch and a game warden stops you on the lake with your conservation limit (of 2 walleye) it is viewed that you are over your possession limit for that day. The sizes are: one walleye over 18 in and one under, and no pike over 27 inches; we want those big breeders to keep producing.

I try reminding everyone about the rules while on the dock. Don’t hesitate to ask me or any of our staff for clarification. We want your adventure vacation to be a good one and we know that starts with understanding the Ontario laws.  Most importantly, keep in mind that a boat is considered a motorized vehicle and therefore drinking and driving a motor boat is not legal. A common sense approach to alcohol consumption at the remote outposts and lodges is good for both your safety and your pocket book.

By The Way: You’ll see in the fishing reports from the lodges and outposts that there are plenty of Master Anglers being awarded this week. We featured one of the trophy walleye catches from Makok which you’ll notice was held vertically for the picture. From talking with several field experts over the years we’ve learned that holding a fish vertically can potentially damage their spine and internal organs, especially with larger trophy fish. This practice mainly applies to bass and northern pike but, when you get a walleye this big, it’s probably a good idea to hold your prized catch horizontally to best capture the moment. Doing our part to keep the fishery healthy helps ensure that there are plenty of trophies for future anglers to reel in.

Take care, and stay safe!

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