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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Wilderness North guests 2010Wapwallon, Pennsylvania is over 1000 miles from Wilderness North in Ontario. No problem. Dan loads up eleven of his best friends in the Greyhound bus he has rebuilt (what he calls his retirement account) and comes over to Mojikit Lake and the Ogoki Reservoir. He knows these waters well; he’s been coming here for years. He’s heading home now after what he calls, “A fishing experience on a whole new lake.” It’s all about water levels he says since lake levels are down about six feet.  So did he catch ’em? You bet.  Not as many as in previous trips, but good size. And in predictable summer patterns. Jigs and tails – deep and slow. While his group had no Master Anglers, they all ate their share of tasty walleye, and said, “See you next year,” when the big bus started the trek home. Thanks, Dan for your years of dedicated support.

Wilderness North guests 2010The Chris Clemmons group was on the west end of Whitewater Lake – 26 mile long “wide spot” in the west to east flowing Ogoki River. They stayed on the west end and came out with six Master Anglers: two walleye and four pike. The walleye pins went to Brad Clemmons for 27.5 incher he caught and released using a jig and “secret” lure (knowing Brad it is a chunk of Spam or niblets of corn), and to Dan Solecki, for a 28.5-inch walleye, he reeled in from using a 3-way rig with a floating jig and sucker minnow. The four pike Master Anglers are Tom Kaltenecker, with a 40 incher he caught on a 3/8 oz jig, Anthony Beinarauskas, a 41-inch on a Williams Whitefish, Frank Kaltenecker a 44-inch who caught his on a bucktail, and the big girl of the week: (drum roll please) Scott Sanders’ 46.5-inch Ms. Sharptooth he caught on a “Depth Raider.”

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staffIt’s summer- hot hazy days – even a little sticky – so summer patterns are the success rule of the day. I look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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…Joe Pichey -Outdoor Specialist

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