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Mojikit Channel Lodge

Mojikit Channel Lodge


The 42 mile long Ogoki Reservoir feeds into Mojikit Lake through the Mojikit Channel. The channel runs for more than half a mile and has very strong current at all times; this makes for excellent walleye action.

In this fishery you will find most walleye in the 21-22 inch range and there’s many opportunities to catch pike over 40 inches.

The inlet of the channel has a series of rocky reefs, which are prime areas for fishing. One of the best is directly across from the lodge, at the outlet of the channel into Mojikit Lake.

Mojikit Lake itself has many islands and walleye congregate around them as they roam the lake. There are also some tremendous weed beds available, especially at the southwest corner of the lake.

Visit the sand bluffs on the northeastern shore of the reservoir along with the rock cuts across from them. Adventurous anglers can venture down to the Summit Control Dam. Brook trout can be found in the pools below this dam.

Created in the 40s by Ontario Hydro, the dams help redirect the water flow south–the water ends as part of the Niagara Falls flow. This water system is the head of the Jackfish River. Follow the path around the dam and you are likely to catch walleye in the fast water. The Waboose Dam is also easily reached from Mojikit Channel Lodge – it controls the outflow of the Ogoki River.

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