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The Long and the Short of it

Full MoonThis is it. The year’s longest day and shortest night. The Summer Solstice. Many of our guests are surprised at the 5:30 am sunrises and 10:30 pm sunsets, but they really like the long days – offering them plenty of angling time on the water. As the earth “tips’ toward the sun the northern latitudes here in the northern hemisphere are treated to the long days, where – at the Arctic Circle – the sun only momentarily dips under the horizon creating the “land of the midnight sun.” The summer may mean changes in fishing techniques – and our “By The Way” column helps guide you in making those changes – this week it’s advice for Pike fishing.

As these photos suggest – no – just flat out prove – the torrential rains we have had recently have caused very unusual results. Fishing in the streets of Thunder Bay – home to our central headquarters – it is just unbelievable. And the Current River dam – usually a trickle –  is just two miles from our offices.

Thunder Bay flood June 2012

However, our sister city in the US – Duluth, Minnesota – has even more problems. Flash floods have washed zoo animals from their cages, closed businesses and roads, and caused the Minnesota Governor to declare the area a disaster zone.

duluthfloodAs of 4pm – CDT – Thursday June 21, travel from Duluth to the border was suspended at the Knife River until road repairs could be made, and until the rain  stops. If you are planning travel on Minnesota  Highway 61 in the next few days you may call 1-800-542-0220 for up to the minute road conditions for the arrowhead of Minnesota.

Despite all the challenges… those Master Angler numbers just keep adding up. Congrats to this week’s new members to the club.
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Alan Cheeseman

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