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The Little Lake That Could

Actually, it always has…and now iťs just done it again!
Ryan & Ron, D'alton Lake 2007Minnesotans name D’Alton Lake – Big Walleye Heaven. Picture this: Two guys from Minnesota. A few days on a little lake less than twenty five miles from our base camp in Armstrong. Five Master Angler Walleyes including one that was 30.5 inches in length.

Now that’s Canadian fishing! But, in July?
Yup, in July. In fact, while most of you were celebrating the 4th of July, Ryan Evans and Ron Melander of St.Paul were celebrating D’Alton Lake and it’s prolific walleye population.So how little is the lake? It’s about nine miles long north to south. The current runs south to north. While the average depth is about fifteen feet, there are holes to a hundred. The in-flowing water creates a little water fall that is a favorite spot for those who know the lake best. Ryan and Ron found luck with what they call “ a home-made yellow jig” and thaťs about all they’ll say. Many of our guests that go there tell us they catch hundreds of fish a day, with a good share in the twenty plus category.

Is it the the rocky drop offs? The swift current? The variety of depths? The catch and release and harvest limitations?
Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes. It is often a combination of many different good things that make a lake – big or small – a great fishery. For those of you looking to head out, D’Alton Lake features a modern solar powered cabin in the heart of the Ogoki River watershed. Congratulations again to Ron and Ryan.

D'alton Lake Outpost, Wilderness North

Other Master Anglers

  • From our Albany River watersheďs Miminiska Lodge: John “Catfish” Wiseman from Columbus, OH -40 inch pike on a Johnson Silver Spoon. Ed Ciemiega from Mississauga, ON – a 40 1/4 inch Pike on a 1/4 oz yellow jig with yellow tail.
  • From the Zig Zag Outpost; Robert Lehman of Mt. Airy, Maryland, a 42 inch Northern Pike on a Fire Tiger Deep Diver.

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