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The Heart of a Conservationist

Father Daughter fishing at Wilderness NorthEver have someone ask you, “What are you doing tomorrow?”  I’ve learned that “tomorrow” is a vague term. When I think about the many tomorrows ahead, and how our enterprise MUST be focused on tomorrow, I think conservation. I am…I admit it…a conservationist. I learned a lot about “real” conservation from our founder Jack Mark. I realize and am grateful for the fact that I live in & make my living through something I do NOT own; the Northwestern Ontario boreal forest. So I often think about the future of this “one of kind” place in the world.  As a conservationist, I hire and partner with those who have this “stewardship-not ownership” philosophy. When guests choose us as a provider for their wilderness adventure, we share the conservationist’s values of catch and release fishing, barbless hooks, fishing pressure management at our destinations, and our determination to leave tiny footprints on the wilderness. Our podcast has more about how we use a resource specialist team to direct us and about other steps we are taking to make sure that tomorrow, and all the tomorrows ahead are good for the wilderness. Hear more on the current podcast.

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