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Take Someone Special Fishing

I have been fishing Ogoki Lake for the past 40 years. When I was a young man my father took me to Ogoki. The year before my father passed away I had the privilege of taking him to Ogoki 25 years later. The tradition continues as I have taken my son to the same place every year since he was nine years old. My son will graduate from college this year. It is my belief, making wonderful memories is how life should be lived.

Ogoki Lake is a magical place unspoiled, wild and majestic. Untouched by the hand of man, Ogoki offers big waters to explore and quiet secluded bays to marvel at the beauty. If you are thinking about fishing these waters be sure to take a clicker counter as it is impossible to keep track of the number of fish you catch. Perhaps there is a better fishery someplace in the world but I not sure if it is possible.

Wilderness North provides great service and a friendly welcome.
Bill, Indiana

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