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Special Offer: Father-Daughter Canoe Trip

A father-daughter trip with Wilderness North is a fully-outfitted and guided trip into Wabakimi Provincial Park. Experience the boreal forest by water and air as your week in the wilderness concludes with a flight over the river you just paddled. Learn all there is to know about not only surviving but thriving in the wilderness. Experience gourmet camping cuisine, certified whitewater river guiding, paddling instruction, and an all around rejuvenating expedition. No experience is necessary as our guides will get you all set for your trip into the wilderness! Learn from your guides or sit back and enjoy your paddling adventure.

Disconnect to reconnect. It is so easy to fall into the electronics trap, where phones begin to take over and your connection to the natural world loses priority. Reconnecting with each other is inevitable on the river, you eat, sleep and explore with one another, and in a remote setting this transforms relationships to foster a new level of connection.

Your Guides,
Aly and Andrew are Wilderness North’s Father-daughter team. They have extensive experience paddling and guiding, and simply love sharing their passion for the outdoors and the bond it has formed for them with our guests.

Join them for a week exploring the pristine Boreal forest; experience the ultimate in outdoor cuisine, paddle as a team with your daughter and learn how to thrive in the Wilderness.

“The absence of the never ending background noise and lights allows for me to finally connect with my immediate surroundings. The lack of societies constant distractions make the people next to me seem physically more real and I am more inclined to engage in real conversation with them. These are the people I eat with, travel with, sleep next to and in turn, intrust my life to. In no other environment do I willingly let others see everything that makes me, me and in return, they do the same.” -Sean Peeters


Start your trip with us in Thunder Bay. Enjoy the gifts of this northern city by exploring new restaurants, walking along Lake Superior, enjoying the view of Sleeping Giant, visiting local events/festivals or soaking in the local nature-inspired art galleries. Our adventure planning team is happy to help suggest local events, restaurants and hotels before your paddling trip begins!

Day 1:

Enjoy glimpses of wildlife on your journey to Armstrong. It doesn’t take long for the buildings to disappear and before you know it you are surrounded by the pure and natural boreal forest. Guests arrive by car (rental cars available in town) in the early afternoon and are welcomed by a BBQ. Spend the afternoon getting acquainted with your gear before heading to bed for the evening in our base camp cabins.

Day 2-6:

Guests are on the water in the morning where the paddling adventure begins! You will discover new strokes from our certified river guides who cater to your skill level; novice or experienced, anyone is welcome! Our keen guides love adventuring and will ensure a safe and exciting journey!

Embrace yourself in the immersion of nature. Our guides help guests to tune in and enjoy their beautiful surroundings along their paddle. Rise with the sun, sip on warm coffee and enjoy a glassy Canadian lake. Let the day take hold, grab on to your paddle and make your way with us down the river. When evening falls listen to the crackling of the campfire while searching for the big dipper!

Our guides offer you all the skills needed to paddle down a remote river. Through flat and whitewater you get a truly Canadian adventure. The canoe is a quiet way of traveling, providing the chance to see plenty of wildlife including moose, caribou and black bear!

Meals on the river are cooked over a fire, but embody the gourmet style that our lodges are known for. Food just tastes better over the fire, from fresh baked pizza to fish from the bottom of a rapid you just paddled, our guides have mastered the art of outdoor cuisine.

Day 7:

On your final day of paddling you will arrive at Whitewater Lodge. There you will be welcomed by a feast of local fish during our shore lunch. The afternoon will be spent exploring the property, getting out on the lake and enjoying the beautiful Boreal forest. In the evening there will be a complimentary happy hour with cocktails and appetizers before dinner is served in the main lodge. Spend your evening by the bonfire under the stars and then head to bed in our newly renovated cabins. Pamper yourself and enjoy our lodge hidden within the Canadian Wilderness.

Day 8:

Wake up to a warm cup of coffee or tea delivered right to your cabin! Breakfast is served and it is your last morning to enjoy the beauty of the lake from ground level before your private plane whisks you back on your journey home! A stunning aerial view of the endless Boreal Forest is a great way to say ‘bye for now’.

Special offer: $2995CAN +taxes per father-daughter pair for 8 days.

Dates: August 15th-22nd, 2017

Inclusions: Night stay at Armstrong base, Meals at base, Flight from Whitewater Lodge to Armstrong, ON. guiding and Instruction, meals, snacks and drinks (wine and beer with dinner), equipment (including fully outfitted canoes), lodging at Whitewater Lodge, lodge amenities (Sauna, canoes etc.).

Not Included: International flights, gratuities, fishing license, items of a personal nature, rental car.

Contact info@wildernessnorth.com or give us a call at 1 (888) 465-3474 for more info!

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