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So Long – But Not Good Bye

Wilderness North corporate partnersIt’s hard to believe, our 2008 fishing season is now over. With mostly higher lake levels, cooler temperatures, and better informed anglers, we set an all time record for Master Angler catches. With 205 Master Anglers, 129 of which were Northern Pike, we continue to be mindful of what a wonderful fishery we have here in the Boreal Forest of Northwest Ontario.

Wilderness NorthThe season had some additional “firsts” for us as well:

  • The first Canadian Project Healing Waters event in July up at
  • Wilderness North joining hands with Walt Disney World as grand prize providers in the Anglers – Young Anglers tournament trail, sponsored by Lund Boats.
  • Miminiska Lodge receiving the OrvisEndorsed Destination Certification.
  • The special “Birds of the Boreal” trip along the Albany. Eddie Nickles’ story will appear in the January 2009 edition of Audubon Magazine.

Wilderness North Walleye fishingWhat better way to conclude the 2008 season than with news from one of our many returning group of anglers who, for more than a decade, have come up from the Chicagoland area to track down those famous D’Alton Walleye. I am talking about the Chris Clemmons’ party. Chris is a member of our resource writing team, and together with his brothers and friends call their 2008 D’Alton Lake adventure last week one of the top three in the past decade. The photo below is group member Mickey D and the 27 inch Master Angler beauty he caught last week. However, it was two inches shy of this trophy in the hands of Chris’s brother, Brad, which measured in at 29 inches.

Wilderness North rophy walleye fishingBy the way, Mickey had two Master Angler Walleye and Chris tells us they were all caught on the full moon at the exact “peak” time predicted in our SoLunar table. Chris also participated in the GULP vs Live, test and reports that, while GULP did okay, his big live ciscoe minnows were more successful at calling up the big Walleye below 20 feet. Our podcast this week features a conversation with Chris and you can listen in now.

Starting in mid October, our Words From The Wilderness newsletters will be coming your way every three weeks until late June 2009.

Alan, Wilderness North PresidentI hope you know how much it means to Krista and me, and all the members of our staff to make new friends each season, and to renew friendships with our many returning guests. Over the winter we will keep you up to date on the girls, our plans for 2009, and fresh opportunities for you and your groups to visit the wilderness of Northwest Ontario.

Keep in touch. I welcome your phone calls and e-mails. You can send me one now if you’d like.

1-888-465-FISH (3474)

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