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Protecting the Resource

Father Daughter fishing at Wilderness NorthEveryday we spend lots of time making sure the details of every guest’s fly in adventure are in order. That can be quite a task, and sometimes so mentally and physically demanding we forget one important thing:
No Resource = No Guests. 

However, we don’t forget it for long. That’s why we emphasize the importance of catch and release angling. While walleye and pike are plentiful, we recommend that guests keep only what they eat – throw back all others. And brook trout? Quick photos. Quick release. Every fish.

Northern Ontario river monsterThere is one other specie our guests encounter from time to time that is also protected here in Northwestern Ontario. The White Sturgeon. This year we are partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada in a special research study to learn more about these ancient and remarkably large fresh water fish. (Our Makok report this week includes spotting of a 7 footer.)

Wilderness North resource staffThis week’s podcast is with the WCS’s Jenni McDermid, PhD – who heads up the study. Jenni reminds us that power production, mines, foresters, and other developers often have their eyes on our boreal forests, and that great caution should be exercised in altering the land and water to achieve a developer’s goals. She – and we – agree that knowledge is the best way to evaluate each of these developments. When you listen to our conversation with Dr. McDermid, you’ll learn about the study and about this amazing fish. Click here to listen.

Photos – Please – Photos:

We are again issuing the call for your photos from your recent trips to Northwest Ontario. While we always get plenty of the “grin and grip” – angler and fish shots, it’s the natural beauty and the wildlife that we’re looking for as well – for our 2011 calendar. If your photo is selected as a “main page” photo, we’ll send you a Wilderness North cold weather fleece vest. You may attach these photos- one per email –  in an e-mail to us – in the highest resolution you have. Don’t forget to include your name, mailing address, and phone number. I look forward to seeing your pics soon…and thanks in advance. Click here to start the e-mail.

I always value hearing from you, and answering your questions, so drop me an e-mail by clicking here.

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