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Plenty of Fish at Ogoki Lake

Ogoki Lake is well known for it’s abundant walleye population and great trophy pike fishing.
Many of our guests are long time visitors to the lake and consider it another home. The fishing is always consistent and some of our largest pike have been caught and released there (53inches!)

Here are some comments from the recent Ogoki guests who were targeting walleyes during their stay:

“We caught a lot of smaller pike and tons of walleye, but our nicest fish was a 24in walleye.We fished mostly with twister tails, using jigging and trolling techniques in 12-16 feet of water. We had a great trip as usual.”

“Some days pike were the most active. On others it was 50/50 between northern pike & walleye.We had no problem catching fish to eat for supper, some days it was hard to find eaters. Chris in our group did catch a beautiful 24 inch walleye–close but not quite a Master Angler. It was a beautiful fish none-the-less. We had success with an imitation green Rapala walleye. There were lots of weather patterns that moved through while we were there. I’ve been coming to Ogoki since the 70s and just love the experience. We know the lake well now and look forward to returning each year!”

“Fishing was good as it gets. The cabin and grounds were in great shape, thanks for taking care of us.”

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