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Pike on Weed Whacker String?

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staffWilderness North guestsI have now been here at base camp in Armstrong for about a month and it’s already crystal clear what I enjoy most about my job. It’s getting to meet guests from all over the world and chat about their expectations and experiences.

None more so than the Scott party from Pittsburgh, Kansas who arrived Sunday night for their very first fly in fishing adventure in Canada. I’m not sure if it was their homemade pike lures (the size of a small Buick, made from wood and weed whacker string) or the crowning of Jim Scott as the new pancake eating champion of Waweig Lake, but this typical Wilderness North group is what makes my job so enjoyable. In less than 24 hours, these guys have mastered “Red Neck Golf”, eaten enough pancakes to make Aunt Jemima wave the white flag, and caught a half dozen nice Waweig Lake trout. They even had time to teach a class on pike lure construction using your typical lawn mowing equipment parts (weed-whacker cord for whiskers?).  This kind of fun is the reason I wake up every morning smiling and looking forward to the next group’s arrival.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

BTW: I still have some “filler” trips at very sizable discounts, if you’re interested in having a fly in adventure yet this summer and your schedule is flexible.

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