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Peace, Quiet, & Great Fishing

September Montage 2012, Wilderness North…. The highlights of an adventure to Northwestern Ontario

Alan CheesemanThis week Scott wrote an article about being quiet while out in the wilderness in order to increase the likely hood of seeing other animals. As we are in the process of transitioning into moose hunts and beginning to close down for the season, it got me thinking about what it is that makes Northwestern Ontario so unique? Sure there is the phenomenal trophy fishing and the thrill of reeling in a monster walleye or northern pike, but I know there is more to it than that. For me it’s the quiet and majestic landscapes that are second to none. There are few places where you can see such diverse untouched wilderness–the dense green forests, rolling hills, jutting cliff edges, and pockets of inland lakes are out of this world. In all my travels, nothing compares to the view of Lake Nipigon in the fall or Lake Superior in the winter. Those of us who live in this neck of the woods are fortunate to have such spectacular vistas in our backyards, and are pleased to have the opportunity to share it with our many guests and long-time friends.

As this year’s fishing season comes to a close and we start thinking (or yearning) for next year’s fishing adventures to start, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what it is you like or look forward to when coming up north. We at Wilderness North work hard at trying to create a unique experience, and value your feedback as we grow to better suit your needs. Congrats to a fresh class of master anglers and, as always, it’s nice to hear from you!

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