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Orvis Says “yes” & Other Big News

Scott McEnaney, Orvis Endorsed Lodge Representative recently visited our Miminiska Lodge in order to determine if the lodge could be one of a handful of destinations Orvis will endorse for Canadian fishing adventures. He was at the lodge during Project Healing Waters in late July. He has now reached his conclusion that we can indeed be one of only seven endorsed Canadian lodges, and the only one in Ontario to receive the endorsement status.

Wilderness North fly in fishing adventuresScott flew on our planes and fished for Brook Trout, Northern Pike, and Walleye during his stay, in which he also met our guides and staff. Orvis does NOT allow any lodge to receive this endorsement status without an on-sight visit inspection, in order to protect what they call their brand identity with quality. Based in Vermont, the Orvis name has long been linked to quality products and fishing adventures, and we are honoured by the endorsement. In this week’s podcast, Scott talks about the endorsement process, and his recent trip to one of our two Albany River lodges.

Wilderness North corporate partnersReceiving the endorsement is a proud moment for Wilderness North. Starting in the 2009 season all of our lodges will also be allowed to have Orvis tackle shops on location. This will include Miminiska, Makokibatan, and Striker’s Point Lodge. We are proud of our staff for this recognition, and are grateful to be listed in the Orvis publications and web pages endorsing our Ontario Fly In Fishing Adventures. It is worth while to note that Orvis also sees the Project Healing Waters organization as a worthy recipient of both cash and merchandise.

In other news: D’alton Lake has popped up again as a great destination for Walleye, Pike, and photography. Dr. Peaster and his three sons are mentioned in Krista’s remote cabin destinations report, and we thank Noah for the great photographs.

Wilderness North resource staffMany of you recall conversations we have had in the past with Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada‘s Jenni McDermid. Next week Jenni will be on the podcast with her initial report on Lake Trout fishing in the two lakes she is monitoring just west of Thunder Bay, and how one lake may be an early warning about global warming. By the way, Jenni believes that Emerald Lake (last week’s newsletter) has that clear, yet green colour due to high levels of copper in the rocks around the lake.

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