It's fun to say. Oh-peach-a-won. - Wilderness North

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It’s fun to say. Oh-peach-a-won.

Wayne with Lake Trout, Wilderness North staff…It’s even more fun to fish!
Each newsletter this spring will be featuring one adventure destination. Of course you can always click on the links on our website above and see what’s in store at any and all of our destinations. SO: (drum roll please)…this week it is Opichuan Lake

This new cabin welcomes up to eight persons, and is nestled on the river system that makes up the legendary Albany River. It is the only cabin on the seven-mile long lake. A few casts into the narrow passage ways or up off the rocky shores of the many islands produce excellent Walleyes and scrappy Northern Pike. Even a few Brook Trout! The strong current flow contributes to high “catch to cast” ratios. This river system has it all. Open lake areas, narrow river channels, cliffs and breathtaking views. Opichuan Lake is a Canadian fishing outpost cabin adventure in a very special place. The nine photos show you the very pristine setting, and the great cabin, including that solar panel for interior lighting.

Opichuan, Wilderness North

We had the chance to catch up with guest Joe of Toronto, ON who loves the lake…and the ease of getting there with direct flights from Nakina, an easy drive from Toronto or points east of Thunder Bay, especially for guests coming across the Big Mac Bridge from Michigan.Check out Joe’s thoughts on fishing at Opichuan.

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