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Ontario Fishing Report

Alan CheesemanIt was a week in which we never took off our rain jackets. However, the rain was heaven sent. Lake levels were a bit low.  Fire danger was high. Now neither is a concern. Two brave groups have gone in and returned with tales of rain soaked adventures. Both had spectacular success in locating and catching abundant stringers of Walleyes and good numbers of scrappy Northern Pike as well. And, as in years past, opening week provided us with our first Master Anglers of the season.

Storm Over LakeThis week more guests arrive, as does improved weather. We appreciate the patience of our guests who experienced some delays due to weather that made flying in or out of their destinations unsafe… so we waited.  And they waited.  And – in the end – we are all safe and sound.

Our lodge managers are all in place, and guests will be arriving at our three lodges soon. In fact next week Jim Kalgren’s group from the Twin Cities will fill in the details of an email they sent from Striker’s Point Lodge saying, “There are fish everywhere…never been this great.”

We too, paused on Monday, Memorial Day – the U.S. Holiday – to honour fallen soldiers, and we have set our sights on mid-July when our Project Healing Waters event will take place for it’s fifth consecutive year. PHW is our special time to salute the men and women in uniform who protect all of us.

It is always good to see new friends and old, and opening week 2012 was no exception.  So “the opener” is now in the books – big fish were caught – with many more Master Anglers to come.

Thanks to Vince Jenness, our first 2012 guest at ZigZag outpost cabin, for our header photos.

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Alan Cheeseman

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