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Oh Canada

The world is watching Canada – Vancouver and the Winter Olympics. This is history in the making, and we were part of this history right here in Thunder Bay. It was just six weeks ago that the Olympic Torch was in Thunder Bay – January 3 and 4, carried into town by Heidi Langman – whose mom carried the torch more than two decades ago. See Heidi’s video by clicking here.

OLympic Hero

Langman,  entered an online contest for a chance to carry the torch. She was a little surprised to learn that she would carry the torch in Thunder Bay but said it was well worth the 800 mile trip. Her husband, son and daughter made the trip with her and they made a mini vacation out of it. Wasaga Beach.  Heidi’s hometown is a popular four-season tourist destination at the southern end of Georgian Bay (off of Lake Huron) and is about two hours north of Toronto. In her application, Langman wrote in part about how her mom had won the chance to carry the torch in British Columbia leading up to the 1988 Calgary Olympics through a similar contest.Heidi Langman of Wasaga Beach, ON carried the Olympic torch in Thunder Bay the morning of January 4th. It was -30C. “It was pretty amazing,” she said. “This is the longest torch relay in history – it’s fun being part of making history.”

olympic hero

Gold Medal Olympian and Thunder Bay native, Katie Weatherston, (right photo)  carried the torch into the Thunder Bay community arena, which was packed for the occasion.  It was -30c (-22f) the day of the event. Katie took home her gold medal as a member of the Canadian Women’s hockey team in the 2006 Torino, Italy Winter Olympics. After the celebration, the torch was given to the city of Thunder Bay and you can take a peek when you are in town. Click here for details .

Just as our entire nation is proud to welcome the world to Canada for the Winter Games, we are proud also to hang out the Ontario welcome sign to guests from all over the world.

Starting today, every new booking will be eligible to receive $100 per person in Wilderbucks for their 2010 visit. The coupon at the bottom of this newsletter has more details, and Joe Pichey can tell you more when you set your dates and destinations.

Cyber Natural – Testing 1-2 Testing 1-2
As we look forward to the 2010 season, we are also planning a cyber-test for a few of our Remote Cabin Destinations. Guests who bring their own laptops (Blackberries-or i-Phones) will findsolar powered wi-fi. This additional  communication link will add one more layer of safety to being alone in the wilderness, and allow guests to send and receive e-mail. The solar powered signal will cover about 100 feet from the cabin – so don’t plan to surf the world wide web while trolling for world class walleyes.

We always love to hear from our guests…just drop us an e-mail here.

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