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Mission Completed!

Lake Nipigon Speckled Trout, 2007Gordy’s Homework Assignment is Done
Last week we listed the ten questions selected from our reader’s input…and we sent ‘em to Gord Ellis, Ontario Canada’s award winning outdoor writer, CBC Broadcaster and native to the waters of our area. Well, his answers prove he’s at the top of his game…and the complete article with answers to all ten questions is now available  here. We did find the answer to one of the questions interesting enough to include it here as a “little teaser.” It also seemed a good choice because when I phoned Gord he had just returned from what he called “the best trip ever on Nipigon” and reported catching several respectable “specs” (Speckled Trout) like this one.

What is your experience/view of Lake Nipigon for sport fishing?

Lake Nipigon is an amazing, world class sport fishery. It has trophy lakers, huge pike and is the worlds greatest trophy brook trout fishery. Were else can you back a 20 foot boat in and still have a real shot at a 50 pound laker or 8 pound spec? It is a classic cold water fishery and is largely unchanged by man. Luckily, Nipigon has now been protected from over use and commercial fishing. It is a hard lake to fish and much of the best fishing is remote. That’s helped protect it. However, there is increasing fishing pressure on the lake. If there is any lake in Ontario that deserves special – restrictive – fishery regulations, it is Lake Nipigon. The lake is huge, but rather sterile. There are not endless big fish to be caught and kept. However, there is no place I’d rather spend a late summer day. Lake Nipigon is that special.

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