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Kevin Callan “The Happy Camper” Shares His Love for Wabakimi Provincial Park!

Kevin is a lover of the outdoors and of Wabakimi Provincial Park. In this podcast Kevin shares what inspires him to make a living in the outdoors and a bit about his experience in Wabakimi Provincial Park!

“The Canoe is a vessel that is made to get you into the more wild areas”.

-12 year-old Kevin Callan

One of those wild places for kevin now is Wabakimi Provincial Park!

Kevin Callan is a Canadian canoe enthusiast, media personality, and author of thirteen books, including the bestselling “The Happy Camper” and “A Paddler’s Guide To” series. For more than 25 years, Kevin has spoken and given keynote presentations at major canoe and wilderness events across North America, including the Toronto Adventure Show and Canoecopia.

Callan is also a frequent guest on Canadian radio and television, field editor for Explore, and regular contributor to Canadian Geographic, ON Nature, Kanawa and Canoeroots Magazine. He is a winner of three Canadian National Magazine Awards and four film awards, including “best of” in the prestigious Waterwalker Film festival.

To learn more about Kevin’s experience in the park, stay tuned for part 2 of his podcast! As well, Kevin has also put together an informative article for explore magazine about a must-see site within the park!

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