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I Told Ya’ll !

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistA few weeks ago, I broke the news to the entire world (Wilderness North World) that this time of the year is my favorite time of the season for trophy fish. So far, our outpost guests are making me look like a genius. The master angler list is growing faster than a fisherman’s lie about the one that got away. We are starting to see the larger Northerns come up shallow, chasing the ol’ shiny spoons.

Ogoki Lake has produced several master anglers in the recent week even with the water rising. Jim of Michigan boated a 44-inch beauty on the old reliable Red and White Daredevil while his partner in crime Allan netted a 42-incher on the same set up.

The Rotenberger’s from Pennsylvania also had a great trip into Dawn Lake this past week. Dawn gave up two trophy pike a 41.5 for Wayne and a 44.5 for Jim Jr. Great job guys!

Tuesday morning, the Rimmer party came out of Arril Lake and quickly filled in their master angler sheet.  Ben of  Pennsylvania tricked a nice 46-inch toothy critter with his “Spoon.”  (Fisherman just hate to give any more details than absolutely necessary.)

The weather this week is supposed to be sunny and if this warmer weather holds, we should see even more trophies boated this week. I am planning on heading into Striker’s Point Lodge later this week to visit some guests and grab some world famous “Marg’s Peanut Butter Cookies” and I might even get a chance to dip a line in the water. I look forward to next week’s report and who knows, maybe I will finally make it on the Master Angler list myself.  Wish me luck!!!

Good Luck…Good Fishing…
Joe Pichey


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