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Hot Fishing + Cooler Weather

Alan CheesemanThis past week was full of excitement and produced some great stories. The week started off with Wilderness North’s first annual fishing derby, which took place at Striker’s Point Lodge. Competition was fierce and resulted in a close call for the winner. Mid-week was filled with many of our guests earning their master angler status and continuing to reel in trophy catches. The week ended with the return of long time guests to Miminiska, who confirmed that fishing in the ‘north” is as great as ever – adding credibility to our conservation efforts and reaffirming last week’s report.

Other features in this week’s report include an interesting summer twist on grilled fish brought to us by Krista. Complete with a recipe and her weekly wine pairing, this dish is sure to be a hit. Following that, Scott presents readers with an opportunity to cash in on the full moon and possibly land a trophy during lunch hour… and no, its not for the best werewolf costume. Rounding out the report is a shocking dip in weather and a reminder that fall is around the corner- the perfect time to book a fall moose hunt or reserve your dates for next year’s fishing trip.

Stay tuned next week for more great fishing stories, another culinary delight, and Scott’s tips on how to beat upcoming weather fronts while staying safe out on the water.

Congrats to a fresh class of master anglers and, as always, it’s nice to hear from you!
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Attention Master Anglers:
With so much going on this summer, we have tried to keep on top of things but have inevitably failed to honour some of you for landing magnificent trophies. If you have not received your Master Angler pin or been mentioned in the weekly fishing report, please send us your photos and contact info so we can mail pins out.

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