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Gulp? Live?

Wilderness North fly in fishing adventuresWe have all heard the claims from the Berkley Company about their GULP products. And we have heard them discussed by TV Anglers, most of whom are paid by Berkley for their endorsements; they’re Better Than Live!

So we’re going to find out. If you are coming to Wilderness North this summer, and you have ordered live bait, we invite you to conduct a “fishing face off” with GULP. We will provide the GULP, the new stuff in the little barrel, in it’s own gravy, if you will fish it exclusively for a minimum of three hours. We have prepared a a “score card” for you to fill out that tells us about your experience. We can even send you a sample of the score card if you like by e-mail. At the end of the season we will turn your scores and those of other anglers over to Professor Dr. Robert D, who will compute the results. You may even have a copy of the complete results, if you like.

Our goal is simple. If GULP is as good as the company claims, you now have another choice rather than the perishable live bait that may one day not be allowed on our lakes.

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