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Greetings from Thunder Bay

Father Daughter fishing at Wilderness NorthOur fishing report this week, continues the story of the incredible performance of angling for Walleye at  Makokibatan Lake, Trophy Pike at Whitewater Lake, and consistent big fish catches at Miminiska Lodge.

The “on again off again” nature of post spawn Walleye angling, combined with unusually “hot” weather and clear skies this past week, has produced a challenge to anglers. Yet, despite this great weather, anglers are scoring big.

We continue to be amazed at the Trophy Walleye being caught at Makokibatan. This week there were 25 Walleyes over twenty-six inches long entered in the record book. Congrats to all those anglers.

The Northern Pike at  Striker’s Point Lodge, have followed the Walleye to deeper water, and came up big this week. Ken Radar ofKalkaska, Michigan, and his group had a fabulous week – and Ken chats freely about his group’s “secret of success” Click to listen to this week’s  Podcast.

With summer officially here, we expect patterns to change a bit in the coming days, and will keep a watchful eye on the sky – hoping for some cloud and Walleye Chop…BTW on Saturday our Pro Angler Chris Clemmons and his gang will take on Ontario’s Whitewater Lake , and we’ll report back on his trip soon.



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