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Good Advice Starts with Good Listening

It was a pleasure speaking to Tom last week about his experiences at Makok—as you may know, in the last couple years; I have made the switch from managing Makokibatan Lodge to working in guest services here in Thunder Bay. Over the years working at the lodge I have learned that the key to making guests feel welcome is being a good listener. Listening is more than being quiet, it is paying attention to what guests are saying and providing answers at the right time.

I apply the same practice each time I talk with a guest over the phone. Not only am I able to listen to your great stories about your wonderful experiences, but I’m also here to listen to your needs and provide you with the answers to your questions. Whether it has to do with trip planning or cabin assignments, I am here for you at our Thunder Bay office. Feel free to give me a call.

With trip planning getting underway this week, take a look online at our trip planning guide. This guide will help you in preparing for the next steps of your fishing adventure with everything from directions to your fly out location and what to pack. Give Krista or myself a call to start the trip planning process.

This week’s newfie word is something that applies to this time of the year. With any luck, we will be dealing with it more and more as the weeks wear on.

Try and guess what this means:  SATCHED.

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