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Family Not Customers

This past week I took the time to chat to a long-time guest who goes to Makokibatan each year. Tom and Curt will be joining us again for their week at Makok for the 19th year straight.  Eli Baxter Sr. had the pleasure of guiding this group for 17 of their many years at Makok. During their annual mid-June visits, Tom has never seen ice still on the lake –proof that good weather is on its way! For Tom, coming back to Makok each year is like coming back home; he doesn’t feel like a customer when he comes, he’s treated like one of the family. A lot can be said for his experiences as he continues to bring large groups back with him, year after year. With the conservation practices being implemented each year, Tom and group have definitely seen the fishing get better over the years. The largest pike the group has caught was 42 inches—largest walleye was 31 ½ inches. Their group sure knows where the fish are! As a previous lodge manager I could personally say that an amazing number of Master Angler walleye are caught and released by this crew each visit. We look forward to hosting his group back this June and hope for many more years of their enjoyable company! Thanks, Tom!

For those of you who missed it, last week’s Newfie word was SWATCH—I had some great guesses this time. Keep those answers coming! Swatch refers to the bad spots on the ice, as in:
“We had lots of swatches this year on the ice. Still do!”

This week’s expression is “Da skitters better not be tick this summer by’e!!”

Enjoy the week and I look forward to everyone’s responses this time around.
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