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Drum Roll Please, The 2008 Master Anglers

Krista cooking, Wilderness North staffI have prepared and uploaded on the  website, my recap of the 2008 Master Angler report – to date. I say “to date” because it seems that every season some of our guests forget to register their catch with us before they leave for home – and this note is “LAST CALL”. If you caught and released a Walleye 26 inches long or longer, or a Northern Pike 40 inches or longer and have NOT received your Master Angler pin contact me right away by e-mail or by phone 888-465-3474.

OFAHLogoWe send Master Angler data and photos (when we have them), to the  Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers, who will register each angler’s catch and release in their official records, and send certificates and pins to those they consider True Trophies.

As of today there were 205 Master Angler catches registered in 2008. These are fish caught and released at all of our lodges and remote cabin destinations since mid-June 2009. There were 129 Pike (63%) and 76 (37%) Walleye. For more details about our past season, read or download the Master Angler 08 Analysis

I look forward to handing out more of those Master Angler pins in 2009 and watching those big smiles from our many anglers who catch the big Pike and Walleye. Krista.

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