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Countdown to Opener

Alan CheesemanSince I last wrote to you, we have had a blast of winter. Heavy blizzard like conditions throughout the area, closing schools and roads for couple of days.  Then very cold. However, today it’s back to those unusual balmy days, with a hint of spring in the air.  It is my understanding that spring, officially now just a week away, has arrived in full force in the US with temperatures in the Twin Cities reaching the 70’s recently. All in all, this should allow us an early “ice out” so we can prepare our lodges and cabins for our May 20th opener.

At The Border

There has been considerable confusion over the recent announcement regarding relaxed admission procedures for non-Canadian guests who have minor criminal records, such as DUI’s. We are attempting to confirm details with our sources at the Canada Border Services Agency. The Operational Bulletin for this initiative has been posted online and can be found by clicking here.

Fly In Fishing Trips:
Our 2012 reservations are on pace for our May 20th to September 20th season…and there is no better time for you to contact our Adventure Trip Planners  to insure that your dates and destinations are still open.

I always enjoy hearing from you, send me an e-mail if you like.
Alan Cheeseman
President, Wilderness North

Inukshuk and sunset, Wilderness North

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