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Closing out the season

Alan Cheeseman -Wilderness North presidentIt has always seemed funny to me to close out our season at a time when fishing is terrific. But it seems that fall schedules are such that folks just don’t plan a trip to the Ontario Boreal at this time of year. We would stay open until about October 1st if demand was there – but it is not. Oh, after October 1st – could be too cold maybe even snow.

You can certainly tell by this week’s season final reports, especially Ryan Lacey’s report from Whitewater Lake, that the fish certainly cooperate in September. And you can also tell from Graham’s weather story that Mother Nature does make things tricky at times with cool, windy, sometimes rainy days. But the fish don’t care. Short days, cooler water temps, and nature’s trigger points tell the fish – “Eat now or listen to your tummy growl all winter.” And eat they do with strong cast to strike ratio that add up to great adventures even though guests are in rain suits and multiple layers.

I like to pause at this time of year to reflect on things I have learned from each season…and 2010 was no exception. So here’s my recap:

  • The fisheries are healthy, and even though we encountered low water levels all season, fishing was great. Our First Nation guides taught us “Low water means good fishing.” Frankly we were a little concerned…but it was a record year for Master Anglers with 73 pike over 40 inches and 165 walleye. Nuff said!
  • Our staff gets better every year, and this year our guest comments all pointed that out – again. Krista and I are grateful for everyone’s hard work. It’s long hours, tough conditions, and guests see all that and appreciate it. And they tell me what a strong team we have.

Northern ontario fishing adventuresAs we look to 2011 we are considering several significant changes to our operation – all destined to make every guest’s fishing and adventure even more enjoyable and productive. For now we plan to leave the rates just as they are – until November 1st – and then decide on a change if necessary. So if you are planning a trip for 2011, we are ready to take your reservation and your deposit and guarantee you the rates as posted on our website.

Thanks to all of you…and for the next few months – until we open again in May 2011, expect a “Words From The Wilderness” newsletter every three weeks or so. And of course feel free to contact me whenever you wish.

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