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By The Way…

Tyler Dunn, Ontario Guide and outdoorsman has a special article about late spring early summer Pike angling in Ontario… the article is in the June issue of Ontario Fishing Networks E-Letter.

Here is a brief summary:
Late spring into early summer is quite possibly the best time of the year to catch some unreal numbers of Pike.

Work The Weeds
Weeds beds or more specifically cabbage weed beds are without a doubt my favourite areas to try and fool a few Pike or ten. There are always Pike hanging around looking to ambush anything in sight. Weedless top water lures – big spoons like the Williams Wobbler are worth trying. Experiment with colours.

Rocky Areas 
Rocky points, humps, boulder ridden shorelines, bays and pretty much any cluster of rocks on any given body of water with Pike will more than likely have Pike hanging around. In these areas, I like to use jerk baits and cranks.

Go Deep For Size
Summer is here which means Pike – well the really big Pike – move out deeper not only for forage but to seek cooler water temperatures. Surprisingly enough, big Pike are quite temperature sensitive and won’t typically be found shallow very often during the summer. Run big or even giant deep diving plugs like husky jerks and X-raps and get them down 15+ feet. Bonus: big summer Walleye love them too!!

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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