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Blog…Is that a shallow fishing hole?

Over the years, all of us at Wilderness North have developed many friendships with long term guests eager to share their experiences and recount their memories with us. While it’s always a pleasure to touch base with guests by phone, we are constantly on the lookout for more ways to connect with old friends and new. New technology now allows us to do just that.

Our new website is up and running allowing us to include more content, images, and featured articles – and to receive immediate feedback from visitors to our site. So, every article becomes an interactive “blog.” Starting today, our weekly newsletters allow you to link directly to the online world of Wilderness North. Because we understand the value of your time, this newsletter will be a concise overview of the more extensive content found on our blogs. So when you click on the link you’ll open the full interactive story complete with comments and discussions surrounding the article. Computer geeks call this blogging. So I guess we are all becoming “geeks.”

Also, if you’re viewing the new on a mobile device or tablet the content adjusts so that each page fits your browser size. Moving forward it is our intent to make all of the information found in our newsletters searchable online by date, author and content. Save the weekly newsletter or check out the “what’s new” section on the website and search for articles by author or date to get the scoop at a later date.

So, now you have even more ways to help plan your trip to North America’s last vast wilderness. Take the virtual trip on line, or even better, the actual trip on board our float planes… the best of both worlds.

As always, it’s great to hear from you!

Alan Cheeseman
President, Wilderness North

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