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A Transition Week for Anglers

Mark Prokopchuk, Wilderness North staffWith most anglers still in the bush – reports are at best “chatter on the radio.” When we do the radio check-in with those at our remote cabins, I am hearing that water temps are still low, and the big Pike are still on sandy flats. And the weather? We were at 38 degrees, clouds on the tree tops, and some delays on getting flights in and out the wilderness.Winds were unusually strong, limiting the spots on the big lakes where anglers could fish. However, the Walleye spawn is mostly over with good reports on Walleye at basically all depths. The western end of Whitewater Lake, in both Grayson and Goldsboro Bays still have big Pike “cruising.”

Ogoki Lake and Whitewater Lake are still very hot. I do have guests at Kenozhe, so next week I will have a report from both Makokibatan and Kenoszhe remote cabins. Anglers will soon be coming out from Arril, Dawn, Musgrave, and Zig Zag after which we can update the official Master Angler file, and I expect we can reach 70 Master Anglers by this time next week.

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