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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Anglers

It has been my experience that purchasing gifts for any angler can be difficult.  Most anglers I know, are completely set up and ready to go with their favorite rigs, setups and tackle.  So what, with the holiday season coming up fast and furious do you get for that discerning angler in your life? Well, there are some conventional and some not-so-conventional items that you might consider to put in your angler’s stocking this year.

1) Soft-Sided Cooler – Yeti Coolers have come out with a technologically advanced soft-sided cooler that can keep ice for days. Its called the Yeti Hopper. A soft sided cooler offers a couple of benefits such as portability, functionality and it’s much easier to store. Carrying a soft-sided cooler is similar to simply carrying a large bag over your shoulder. It frees up your hands as well. www.yeti.com

2) Leatherman (not so multi tool) Skeletool – Leatherman has realized that more isn’t always better.  They have a product called the Skeletool which takes the most popular or most used tools in a traditional Leatherman and “cuts the fat”.  Included in the Skeletool is a blade, pliers, bit driver, pocket clip and carabineer/bottle opener.  It’s small, compact and has all you’d need for a day on the water without the weight and bulk of a full multi-tool. www.leatherman.com

3) Sunglasses with a story!  Sundog eyewear has just released a lens technology that makes a difference long term to your vision and the health of your eyes. True Blue Lens technology takes their already popular Mela-lens technology to the next level, filtering the light that does damage to your eyes long term while outside. It reduces eye fatigue and are actually soothing to wear outside. www.sundogeyewear.com

4) Goal Zero portable solar recharge system – I recently fished with a gentleman from Bozeman, MT.  What made this trip different for me, is we were accompanied by music the entire day. Though I never fish with tunes playing, it was actually fun! The interesting thing about that day is his phone, which was playing the music, played all day long – 14 hours worth!  I then realized how this was happening. As we were moving from spot to spot, he would plug his phone into a tiny, unobtrusive solar panel he had attached to his backpack.  Keeping his phone topped up and allowing us to fish with great tunes all day long!  This for sure is on my wish list for this year. www.goalzero.com

5) Thermacell Mosquito Repellant – Deet is dangerous. It’s got the ability to eat through material, burn skin and be generally an unpleasant chemical. Thermacell has a line of devices that eliminates the need for topical or spray insect repellent. The unit looks like a hand-held gps unit, so it’s small and convenient.  Replaceable cartridges allow for unlimited protection. The Thermacell unit creates a “forcefield” around your person while you are out and exposed to the buggy elements. It creates a zone of protection wherever you go. www.thermacell.com

There are countless items out there for the angler in your life and finding that perfect gift is now easier than ever! A little research and having fun thinking outside the box can yield treasures! And hey, you never know, you just might find something out there you didn’t even realize you “needed”!

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